Uganda: Funded the Soroti, Uganda Clinic – no deaths in childbirth in 2012.

IMA offers general medical care, prenatal, vaccination, family planning services and a birth center, to help the poorest of the poor in the Teso region of Uganda.

Achieved a 0% maternal mortality rate.  Assisted in safe births that increased by 156% over 2011.

Provided family planning services to 40% more patients over 2011. This resulted in more than 5,000 women receiving birth control in 2012. Conducted more than 30,000 patient visits.

IMA midwives train local practitioners provide quality prenatal and birth services, as well as general medical care, to increasing numbers of women and children from surrounding poor communities. Through these services, women receive the assistance they need to help ensure safe, healthy pregnancies. The clinic staff also conducts weekly mobile outreach clinics to remote rural areas.

Their birth center allows us to offer special assistance to women during childbirth, increasing the capacity to ensure safe delivery and quick and efficient response to complications during childbirth. Feasible low-cost health interventions are all that is needed to save countless lives of women and babies in Uganda.

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