Namibia, Kenya: Established 6 bikes shops – mobilized over 2500 villagers for work, school, health visits. B4H empowers many in the developing world with the gift of mobility delivered by a bicycle.

The economy of these nations makes it almost impossible for individuals to own cars or motorbikes, so bicycles are the optimal form of transportation. Three to four employees manage the bike shop and provide repairs. All bike shops are profitable and continue to generate jobs and income in their communities.

B4H Colorado began in 2007 to form a bridge of community sharing between the front range of Colorado and healthcare workers serving those in need in Africa. They were inspired by the ability to marry the personal interest of biking of so many Coloradoans and the desire to help those most marginalized in society. A bicycle, one of the simplest transport technologies, is affordable and can be maintained anywhere in the world with minimal tools and spare parts. The math becomes simple and a bike in the hands of a healthcare worker allows them to cover four times the ground than possible on foot. This translates into four times the number of patient visits and four times the number of medication disbursements. The possibilities are endless and we can help fulfill a basic need: to provide a distribution vehicle for improved healthcare for those too remote from formalized healthcare facilities.