Kenya: Funded the Leadership Program in Kenya for one year; 19 scholars graduated.

Improving the lives of children living in poverty around the world through education.

The Global Education Fund Leadership Program provides poor Kenyan youth, predominantly orphaned girls, with an education both inside and outside of the classroom.

It includes: four year high school scholarships; training in critical real-world skills through workshops, retreats and service projects; and a network of support through mentorships with university students, adult coaches and peer support groups.  The Leadership Program is based on the belief that a combination of rigorous academic preparation, practical training and strong relationships will enable participants to reach their full potential and improve the lives of others. The practices that have made GEF successful around the world are reflected throughout the Leadership Program.

“As many small nonprofits do, we hadn’t prioritized the creation of new communications materials — not because it wasn’t important, but because of a lack of capacity. The energy and commitment of the women of BoldeReach helped us to craft new and effective communications pieces that we continue to use in our community outreach.”

–Melissa Haniewicz, Development Coordinator, Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights