Beneficiary: STOP India

BoldeReach raised funds for STOP India* to address the prevention and rehabilitation of trafficked individuals. The opportunity to assist STOP India in their work with women and girls who have been trafficked compelled BoldeReach to dedicate our resources to this important cause.

* BoldeReach selected STOP India for the opportunity to accelerate the programs they have put in place to address trafficking in Delhi area and to empower rescued women and girls, both economically and socially. We are also very excited to be working with Roma Debabrata, the president and “mother” of STOP India and an Ashoka Fellow who works tirelessly to shine a light on trafficking as a global issue that generates over 32 billion dollars annually for traffickers. Currently over 27 million people are suffering in some type of human slavery with an additional 800,000 people trafficked annually. The average age of a trafficked person is 14 years. Eighty percent (80%) of transnationals who are trafficked are women and girls. Seventy percent (70%) of these females are trafficked into the sex industry.