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Due to Boulder Flooding, This Event has Been CANCELED

Around the World with

BoldeReach Gala

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Boulder, Colorado

The devastating flood in Boulder has made it impossible for us to hold the 2013 Around the World BoldeReach Gala, but we remain committed to our tradition of bringing together the Boulder community to support women and children in extreme need around the world. Due to the length of time that it may take to repair flood damage in Pine Brook Hills, we do not have plans to reschedule the Gala.


We are taking this dramatic step because the private home where we hold the Gala is currently not accessible due to closed / unstable roads in the Pine Brook Hills neighborhood. Our main concern is the safety of our guests; transportation to the Gala venue could be potentially dangerous.

We encourage you to support our beneficiary, Pathfinder International, now or in the future. Their work to provide sexual and reproductive health education and services is a critical contribution to our planet and its people. Thank you!





Ensuring that people everywhere have the right and opportunity to live a healthy sexual and reproductive life.


222 million women who want to make decisions about family planning lack access to contraceptives.

That’s 222 million women without choice.

What will the world look like when women can choose if, when and how often to have children? It’s a world where women are happier, healthier, and more empowered. It’s a world where families are better nourished, children stay in school, and parents can see a better future for their children. Choice starts simply: a woman making a decision about her body.

The power of choice is when every woman, every man, every young person, has access to sexual and reproductive health.

Choice is Everything

Pathfinder believes that people everywhere have the right to live a healthy sexual and reproductive life. For more than 55 years, we have worked to expand access to quality sexual and reproductive health care to enable and empower individuals to make choices about their body and their future. At Pathfinder, we believe choice is everything. When people take charge of their life choices such as if or when and how often to have children, they gain confidence and strength. They can better pursue their education, contribute to the local economy, and engage in their communities.


This year’s Gala, we have the honor of the presence of Donna Mejia, who will be dancing and possibly giving a short movement lesson.



***We average >90% of funds raised being given directly to our beneficiary. Check out our history HERE.***

We rely on volunteers to help us accomplish this. If you are interested, please sign up here, and notice the tabs on the bottom. Thank you.